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Celebrate the National Day 2019

1st October,2019, the 70th Anniversary Day of New China, the most proud and exciting day for all Chinese in the world !

In order to add a much hue to celebrate the motherland's birthday, we hang the Five-Starred Red Flag and let flutters in the wind . All departments and units staffs actively stay at each stations keep doing well the works for the last working day before the Festival. To have a ease and safe holiday , we ccomplished environmental protection inspected and hygienic cleaning , as well as the water, electricity, equipment and fire safety inspections .

The development of the company is closely related to the prosperity of the motherland. In the new stage, the new journey, all Taimei staffs keep remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind , to produce more high quality Titanium wire and Titanium welded wire for customers  !  With this great day comming, let us bless our motherlad proseperity and prosperit ! Long live the People's Republic of China !