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Successful FABTECH19 International and AWS Welding Exhibition

On November 14th, the annual FABTECH19 was successfully concluded in Chicago, USA. FABTECH is the largest, most professional and influential metal stamping, sheet metal and forming exhibition and metal surface treatment exhibition in North America. It has witnessed the development history of the US metal forming industry and as a very important platform for companies to open the US market.

Exhibition is divided into 2 exhibitions 5 areas, Forming & Fabricating, Finishing , Tube & Pipe , Welding and METALFORM. The exhibitors come from professional mechanical engineering, sheet metal processing products / parts / accessories, construction steel and construction aluminum producers, automotive industries and its suppliers.

For Fabrech19 Taimei team has been carefully prepared, with its superb technical standards, unique management concept and high-performance Titanium Welding Wire series products once again become a highlight in the exhibition, attractinglots of overseas professional clients stop by and conduct in-depth consultation and negotiation. .Some clients came with technical problems and doubts encountered during their processing and productions. With our  team’s professional technical guidance , process analysis and optimization, we helped customers to enhance their core competitiveness with their core technologies. All sustomers were satifiled with our timely answering and the technical discussion, and expressed the purchase intentions. At the same time, during the communication process with customers, we listened to many valuable opinions from the end customers and further enhanced our international market strategy.

Taimei has always strictly implemented the standards set by the  AWS and ASME. In strict accordance with the various process requirements and management concepts, we produce high-quality Titanium Welding Wires, widely used in Chemical, Metallurgical, Deep-sea. Marine, Environmental engineering, etc. In recent years, we has committed to the development of Titanium Wire and Titanium Welding Wires used in higher-end fields, such as Aviation, Aerospace, Medical, Military and Defense. At the exhibition, our representative Mr. Li communicated and learn about welding technology and its application with AWS Association and took photos.

With many years professional production experience of the and the long-term stable product quality, Taimei is advantage than other suppliers. Through this exhibition, we have prospected the development prospects of Titanium Welding Wire, and in the future development, we will follow closely with the development of “Belt and Road” and continue to promote the internationalization of Taimei. The strategy is to achieve the company's international operation, to provide better and more convenient products and services for customers all around the world.

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