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The 24th Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair

We attened the 24th (Shanghai) Essen Welding and Cutting Exhibition, which was held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 28, 2019. The audience mainly came from Machinery manufacturing, Pressure vessels, Automobile manufacturing, Railway locomotives, Oil pipelines, Aerospace and Aerocraft industries. More than 100 multimedia , domestic and foreign professional magazines, related exhibitions and the Internet have publicized and reported this exhibition.

There are many types of goods such as : all kinds of Arc welding, Plasma welding, Electric resistance welding, Solid pressure welding, Friction welding, Electron beam, Hard (soft) brazing equipment, Special welding equipment, Welding robots, Welding equipment, Welding Tools, Welding protective masks, Protective clothing, etc.  Taimei, as the only one Titanium welded wire exhibitor in the whole exhibition hall, our whole series products of Titanium welded wire  are strong attentioned from the customers. More than 150 companies visited our booth and it would lay a firm foundation for us to open up the new markets.

This is an industries event and a journey of harvest. We get in touch with many industries leaders  , listen to the valuable opinions from end users and distributors,  and reach a cooperation consensus with many domestic and foreign merchants . With the increasing proportion of Titanium materials in the global markets and international demand is constantly rising, lot's customers have expressed cooperation with our company and increased procurement quantities .

Thanks to all customers' support and encouragement,  Taimei has been committed to high-quality titanium wire and titanium wire for many years and has achieved steady development with outstanding achievements . For the longer-term development, we has a long way to go. We will provide diversified cooperation for different customers groups, continue to improve the quality management system, increase the production capacity of production capacity, accelerate the brand building, and provide much excellent products and outstanding service to all customers and friends !

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