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TIG Ti wire

  • ERTi-2 2.5x1000mm Titanium Welded Eletrodes and Rods
ERTi-2 2.5x1000mm Titanium Welded Eletrodes and Rods

ERTi-2 2.5x1000mm Titanium Welded Eletrodes and Rods

  • Material Grade: ERTI-2
  • Size: dia 2.5 x 1000mm
  • Usage: TIG MIG Welded
  • Surface treatmeng: Pickling smooth
  • Product description: Titanium wire, Titanium welded wire, Ti welding wire, ERTi-2 Ti, Gr2 Titanium wire, Titanium welding wire, AWS A5.16, Titanium alloy wire, Titan filler wire, Filler rod, TIG Ti-2, 3.7035 welding wire


Titanium wire,  Welded wire and rods

Material Grade

Gr1, Gr2, Gr3, Gr4, Gr5, Gr7, Gr9, Gr23

ERTi-1, ERTi-2, ERTi-3, ERTi-4, ERTi-5,  ERTi-7, ERTi-9, ERTi-12


ASTM B863, AWS A5.16


Dia.0.4~8.0mm Straight wire or in coil / spool


Surface treatment

-1). Black surface with oxide

-2). Acid washed surface ( removing the oxide)

-3). Bright surface( material original color )



-1). M (Annealed soft state )

-2). R (soft processing )

-3). Y( hard processing )



-1). Toughness, low desity & light weight

-2). High performance, excellent property of acid

and alkali resistance,corrosion preventive & Fatigue resistance

-3). Bear high & low temperature



Aerospace & Aircraft,Electric & Energy ,

Defense & Military,Chemical, Oil & Gas,

Auto & construction, Jewelly and medical used


soft paper or plastic bak inside, wooden case outside or as per customer requests

Delivery time

within 7 days


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